Le Soldat de l’Hiver

Sorry about the Sebastian Stan spam in the last couple of days. >< (Painter 12 - Photoshop CS6)

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pierce’s death was too good for him.

How hard he hits him though. He nearly knocks him off the chair he hits him so hard and Bucky’s head bounces on rebound. And Bucky isn’t even being defiant here, just stuck. He’s caught in his own thinking and isn’t really resisting, just not reacting. He’s still Winter Soldier here, but Winter Soldier trying to figure out what just happened with his day and we know he could stop Pierce mid swing if he really wanted. But he doesn’t, just sort of pulls himself back upright still clinging to the fact that SOMEHOW the Soldier knew him and can’t figure out why. The little bit of Bucky that’s left frantically trying to organize fragments of memory.

Pierce died too quick.

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You don’t really want to know. You want to be fooled. But you wouldn’t clap yet. Every magic trick has a third act, the hardest part, the part we call “The Prestige”.”

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Hello, can I get everyone’s attention for a moment?


I know a lot of you are excited for Guardians of the Galaxy. So am I. So no worries, I don’t plan on dampening that excitement in any way. I just want to ask a small favor. 

Unfortunately, my country has decided to release the movie 4 weeks later than pretty much everyone else. 

Therefore, can you all please, please tag any Guardians of the Galaxy spoilers until at least the end of August so I have a chance of seeing the movie unspoiled without having to stay off the internet for an entire month. I would very much appreciate that.

Thank you. We will now return to your regularly scheduled SDCC madness.

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#nailed it

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people need to understand that some people just don’t like talking it has nothing to do with u so don’t take it personally like some people just aren’t talkers and they’ll probably never text u first or initiate a conversation and it’s not because they don’t like u it’s just that they don’t think to say anything bc they’re comfortable with not saying anything

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spn season nine + lady angels

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WHY WHY WHY *dying of the love*

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